Government shutdown would affect thousands of Ohioans


Government shutdown would affect thousands of Ohioans

Chillicothe Gazette – If the federal government shuts down, the effects will ripple across Ohio.

National parks will close. Federal agencies will shut their doors. Personnel dubbed “essential” might have to work without pay.

Ohio is home to 22,836 federal employees, according to an analysis of federal data conducted by Gannett’s Asbury Park Press.

If the government were to shut down for an extended period, many of those workers could be put on furlough and have their salaries frozen, and the work they do could come to a halt.

“We’re just like anyone else,” said Tim Feldman, president of Chapter 9 of the National Treasury Employees Union. “We need to work to have a paycheck. We have bills to pay, kids to take care of, just like everyone else. And if it comes to a shutdown, it is working people like us who pay the price.”

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