Increasing Flexibility for Companies to Keep Jobs in Ohio


Increasing Flexibility for Companies to Keep Jobs in Ohio

Avon Lake Patch – These are tough times for small business owners. With the high cost of fuel, a still-challenging credit market, and rising competition from countries like China, many small business owners have trouble keeping their heads above water. Each day can present a new set of challenges for the mom-and-pop corner store in Chillicothe or the start-up manufacturer in Mansfield.

And unfortunately, one of the realities of our current recession is layoffs. Employers want to do right by their employees, and many do everything they can before laying off loyal workers.

During the last several weeks in Washington, we’ve seen a high-stakes debate take place over how to get our fiscal house in order. But when it comes down to it, the best way to reduce our deficit is to get Americans back into good-paying jobs–or ensure that they can keep the job they already have. After all, there are 14 million Americans who would prefer to pay taxes rather than depend solely on unemployment insurance.

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