Ironton SSA office closes over mold


Ironton SSA office closes over mold

Ironton Tribune – In June, Sheagley and Hanna visited the office and filed a group grievance. Previously, nine out of 11 union workers filed individual worker’s compensation claims due to the mold. They also encouraged employees to file presidential inquiries on the White House website.

The union also sought help from Sen. Sherrod Brown, who also issued a press release about the closure.

“No Ohioan should have to risk health and safety simply by going to work each day,” Brown said. “It’s unacceptable that workers in Ironton were forced to wait this long, but I’m relieved that we’re finally seeing action from the SSA. I remain committed to seeing the timely completion of the new Ironton office and will continue to keep up the pressure on the Obama Administration to ensure safe conditions for the employees and the public.”

Until the new office is completed, Moreno said the SSA is working on finding a location in Ironton that can address concerns of those that can not travel to other office locations.

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