Job program gives Ohio vets a chance to shine


Job program gives Ohio vets a chance to shine

Columbus Dispatch – A new program is offering job opportunities in solar energy for unemployed veterans, and the results are evident at a watering hole in Dublin.

Solar by Soldiers will retrain unemployed Ohio veterans in solar-panel installation, part of an effort to lower the 27 percent unemployment rate for veterans 20 to 24, Sen. Sherrod Brown’s office said.

Yesterday at Flannagan’s in Dublin, Brown marked the start of the program, which is being run by Tipping Point Renewable Energy, a Dublin-based company.

So far, the program has drawn interest from 15 veterans, whose skills are being tapped on a project-by-project basis. Tipping Point CEO Eric Zimmer said the growth of solar-energy demand would allow for the use of more veterans and the formation of a formal training process.

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