KV Backlash: Senator Condemns Pregnancy Drug Price Hike


KV Backlash: Senator Condemns Pregnancy Drug Price Hike

Time.com – In the wake of growing public outrage over the 150-fold increase in the price of a drug used to prevent premature birth — newly approved Makena, a form of progesterone, will cost $1,500 a dose compared with $10 for existing versions — Senator Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) has sent a letter to manufacturer KV Pharmaceuticals asking the company to "immediately reconsider" its pricing.

"I am deeply concerned that your company appears to be taking advantage of FDA approval at the expense of women, children and federal and state budgets," Brown wrote.

In an email, Brown said, "By ratcheting up prices, fewer women will be able to afford the drug, increasing rates of preterm birth nationwide. This isn't in the interest of children, new mothers or taxpayers."

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