Obama’s Task: Soothing His Own Stalwarts


Obama’s Task: Soothing His Own Stalwarts

NY Times – There was a collective sigh of relief among political lefties last week after President Obama laid out his counter to the G.O.P. budget plan: finally, after a number of disappointments, the president was ready to fight for matters near and dear to his Democratic base.

But even as his stalwarts congratulated Mr. Obama for his rousing defense of Medicare, they were plotting how to continue to pressure the president to hew to their agenda when the serious haggling of the coming budget and debt-ceiling fights begin.

“I like that Obama seems to have finally taken off the gloves, but until he makes good on his campaign promises in 2008 to eliminate the Bush tax giveaways and close the offshore tax havens for corporate tax cheats, our job is to keep holding his feet to the fire,” said Andrew Boyd, one of the co-founders of The Other 98%, a persistent burr under the corporate-lobbyist saddle.

Added Senator Sherrod Brown, Democrat of Ohio: “I thought the president’s speech was a good start; it’s a sharp contrast between where the Republican budget wants to go, which is more tax cuts for the rich and privatization of Medicare and really shredding the social compact which we have as a nation.”

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