Ohio GOP Chairman’s ’12 Victory Plan: (Don’t) Remember SB 5!


Ohio GOP Chairman’s ’12 Victory Plan: (Don’t) Remember SB 5!

Plunderbund – In today’s Cleveland Plain Dealer, Ohio GOP Chairman Kevin DeWine states he knows the key for his party to win in Ohio next year… it’s hoping that the entire State gets collective amensia on one of Governor Kasich’s signature legislative achievements this year:

The GOP leader said he doubts anyone will be talking about Senate Bill 5 come November 2012.

“What we do know is that for 90 percent of the people, the economy is the number one issue and in November 2012 no one is going to be talking about Senate Bill 5,” DeWine said. “And Barack Obama owns the economy.

“So as long as people are talking about $4 gas and they are nervous about their job and house it is going to be a tough environment for Barack Obama,” he said.

Nothing shows a vote of confidence in the GOP’s ability to save SB 5 from a repeal by referendum this fall like having the Ohio GOP Chairman say he believes his party can do well next year, “so long as” nobody is still talking about Senate Bill 5. In other words, Republicans will be fine next year, the Ohio GOP Chairman says, so long as Ohioans don’t think about the Ohio GOP’s record come election.

This has to be one of the worst rallying cries I’ve seen. Instead of “Remember the Alamo,” DeWine gives us “Don’t Remember What We’ve Done… just look at what you’re paying for gas!” Just what political consultant came up with “Forget SB 5″= ’12 Ohio GOP Victory, and then thought: “We have a winner!” And how many Ohio Republicans are really banking on this?

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