Ohio Senator: Stop Drunk Driving Before It Starts


Ohio Senator: Stop Drunk Driving Before It Starts

Ironton Tribune – On Wednesday, Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown discussed the importance of adding one more line of defense in the battle against drunk drivers.

The senator was also joined by Doug Scoles, executive director of Mothers Against Drunk Driving in Ohio and Steve Westcott, an Oxford Township firefighter who, while off-duty and on his way to teach fire and EMS classes, recently helped Erie County law enforcement officials apprehend a nine-time drunk driver.

His proposed line of defense, the ROADS SAFE Act, would create a partnership between the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, auto makers and anti-drunk driving advocates to develop technologies that prevent drunk drivers from even turning the keys to start a car, Brown said.

“Existing devices such as ignition locks can be expensive and obtrusive. They don’t always work,” Brown said. “With the help of the ROADS SAFE Act, the public-private partnership will make next generation technology devices smaller and less noticeable. Perhaps most importantly, it would help parents who could choose to install safety devices in the car of their driving age child.”

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