Our View: ‘RyanCare’ won’t work without new health law


Our View: ‘RyanCare’ won’t work without new health law

USAToday – As part of a Republican spending proposal for 2012 and beyond, the House Budget Committee chairman wants to scrap Medicare as we know it and have seniors buy private insurance, beginning with new retirees in 2022.

This comes after two years of Republicans pillorying Democrats for seeking Medicare cuts of much smaller scale. But that’s just politics. The real irony is this: The plan won’t work unless joined with something much like the 2010 health care law Republicans want to repeal. That law, sometimes called ObamaCare by critics, creates regulated insurance markets with a variety of inducements, subsidies and requirements, to help the 51 million people who can’t afford, or can’t get, coverage.

The GOP plan (let’s call it RyanCare just to balance the scales), would treat seniors the same way, starting with people currently younger than 55 when they reach Medicare age. Unlike older people, who would continue to be under the protective umbrella of government coverage, they would be given a government subsidy to buy coverage in private markets, posing the question of which companies would want to insure them.

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