Out-of-state officials begging Rick Scott not to kill Florida pill database


Out-of-state officials begging Rick Scott not to kill Florida pill database

Florida Times Union – Thirty-four states require pharmacies and physicians to report narcotics they dispense to a statewide database, allowing pharmacists, doctors and police to thwart doctor shoppers. The Florida Legislature approved a database in 2009 but it hasn’t been implemented.

Rogers said he was “alarmed and dismayed” that in Florida, with seven overdose deaths a day, Scott proposed repealing the database in a bill submitted to the Legislature with his budget package. The House went along with Scott last week, citing privacy concerns, but Senate leaders support keeping the database.

“The notion of canceling Florida’s prescription drug monitoring program is equal to firing firefighters while your house is ablaze,” Rogers wrote the governor. “… Your state’s participation is paramount to the success of our nation in fighting this problem, helping addicts get treatment and prosecuting pushers.”

U.S. Sen Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, said even more shocking is Scott essentially rejecting $1 million in private money from the maker of OxyContin to help fund the database. He wrote to Scott last month.

Additionally, the database was to be funded by a foundation with private donations and approved federal grants. No state money would be used.

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