Perrysburg teen earns NASA scholarship


Perrysburg teen earns NASA scholarship

WTVG – With a little help from NASA, one local teenager is launching a college career that is out of this world.

A Perrysburg high school student is one of only 25 students across the country to earn a prestigious NASA scholarship. The senior, set to graduate at the end of the month, is also one of the youngest to receive the financial aid.

“We always had a telescope growing up,” says Adam Weber.

Since he was a kid, Adam Weber has had his eyes on the moon and the stars. Now at 17-years-old, his fascination with the final frontier and rocket science continues to grow. “We’ve explored most of where we can, basically, here on earth. We’ve explored a lot of the land, the depths of the ocean. Space is the last place because you don’t know what’s out there,” says Weber.

In the fall, Weber will be a freshman at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor majoring in aerospace engineering. That’s a goal he wasn’t sure he’d achieve until he got the news NASA selected him for an aeronautics scholarship after a competitive application process. “They don’t give them out often to someone my age,” says Weber.

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