Real solutions


Real solutions

When President Obama submitted his budget proposal this week, it was clear that moving America forward isn't just a talking point, but a top priority of his administration. The forward-looking investments he called for — such as education, infrastructure, and clean energy — will help us continue to out-build, out-educate, and out-innovate our global competitors.

But I was disappointed when I saw the proposals offered by congressional Republicans. Their approach isn't just shortsighted — it's a dangerous set of concessions to the most extreme right-wing members of their party.

Using the guise of cutting waste and excess, the GOP budget guts the very programs we need in order to grow and prosper in the future. Under the House plan, we wouldn't have those crucial investments in science and technology. Instead, their budget protects billions of dollars in giveaways to big oil companies and tax breaks for corporations that ship our jobs overseas. It would slash Pell grants and risk the jobs of more than 10,000 teachers in disadvantaged areas across the country. And it would zero out funding for women's health services, leaving countless women vulnerable to undetected cancers.

Leadership is the act of understanding our nation's potential and then fighting to give each one of us the opportunity to reach it. But the GOP couldn't have produced a plan further from that idea. It's only the second month of the Republicans' congressional majority, but it's already clear that they're more interested in currying favor with the Tea Party extremists than in finding smart solutions.

But I'm committed to finding those real solutions, and throughout the next year I promise to work with our president and fight for progress as we move our country forward.

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