Sen. Brown talks healthcare reform to Toledoans


Sen. Brown talks healthcare reform to Toledoans

Toledo on the Move — Dozens of northwest Ohioans, curious about healthcare reform turned out to the Monroe Street United Methodist church. Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown was available to answer questions about whom and how it would affect them.

Richard Dennis says the system we have now doesn't work. He is one of 1.4 million Ohioans unable to obtain affordable health coverage. Dennis isn’t opposed to government healthcare. He came to get more answers about a proposed healthcare solution for everyone. “I think its very expensive, I think it costs folks a lot of money to remain healthy.”

The most recent set of changes, effective January 1st aims for early detection and preventative medicine. Senator Brown says there are a lot of myths about the new health system; but in the long run everyone will benefit. “It strengthens Medicare it will matter for preventative care, it will save money so that people don't go to the emergency room they go to their family doctor,” Brown.

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