Senate vote on Ryan budget plan splits Ohio senators Brown, Portman


Senate vote on Ryan budget plan splits Ohio senators Brown, Portman

Columbus Examiner – The vote Wednesday in the US Senate on House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan’s controversial plan, that includes a proposal to turn Medicare, a popular program with American seniors and those who will one day become seniors, into a voucher program, saw Ohio senators Brown and Portman come down on opposite sides of the issue.

For Rob Portman, who won his seat last fall when Republicans won big in Ohio and Washington, taking the House of Representatives away from Democrats in both locations, voting no was consistent with his political ideology.

For Sherrod Brown, the stakes are higher since he’s up for reelection next year. But Brown’s vote was consistent with his political ideology, too, that champions saving, not dismantling or privatizing, popular, key social safety net programs like Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare, which the day before was the issue that sent a Democrat to Washington in a ruby red Republican district that Republicans had won year after year by lopsided margins.

News reports said that the Senate rejected the Ryan budget plan on a 40-to-57 vote. All Democrats present in the Senate voted against the measure; they were joined by a mere five Republicans, a sign, Felicia Sonmez if the Washington Post, said was a sign of the “wariness with which some Republicans have come to view the budget plan, particularly members who may face tough reelection bids in 2012.”

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