Senator talks about 4th of July


Senator talks about 4th of July

Van Wert Independent – Every American should have access to the tools needed to build a meaningful life.

Elementary students in Elyria deserve to learn from the latest textbooks. Grandparents in Grandview should never be forced to choose between buying medicine or a meal. And firefighters in Fairfield have earned the right to fight a fire with reliable, modern protective gear.

In a democracy, national priorities should reflect the needs of all citizens — not just the privileged.

Two hundred and thirty-five years after British subjects declared themselves United States citizens, Americans must continue the journey toward becoming a more perfect Union.

We’ve made tremendous strides in guaranteeing fundamental rights to education, health, and safety. Ohio established free, public education in 1825. Today — with the support of some $400 million in “Race to the Top Funds” — Ohio schools are working to build on proven models of success and to empower students with the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics skills needed to embark on 21st century careers.

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, public health resources in Ohio were consumed by the fight against tuberculosis and the cholera epidemic. With the passage of the Affordable Care Act, children can now remain on their parents’ health insurance until they reach 26 years of age. Seniors can receive annual wellness visits that will not only keep them healthier, but will also reduce costs by helping avoid illnesses. And we’re investing in preventive care and reforming our delivery system so that medical practitioners are rewarded for the outcome of their patients, not how many tests are ordered.

Public safety has also improved. In 1853, Cincinnati established the first fully paid, professional fire department in the United States. It would take another decade for the first self-contained breathing apparatus to be invented. Today, professional firefighters can breathe safely while communicating with one another in a black, smoke-filled building.

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