Senators Push For U.S.-Made Steel on Military Vehicles


Senators Push For U.S.-Made Steel on Military Vehicles

Wheeling Intelligencer – The steel used to armor American military vehicles usually comes from foreign countries, but U.S. Sens. Jay Rockefeller and Sherrod Brown and others are pushing the Department of Defense to reconsider current policy.

Rockefeller, D-W.Va., and Brown, D-Ohio, have joined six other senators in signing a letter to Ashton Carter, under secretary of defense for acquisition technology and logistics, expressing the Senate’s concerns about the use of foreign steel by the U.S. military. At issue is the production of armor plate steel – the steel used to fortify U.S. military vehicles. According to Rockefeller, the DOD permits the melting stage of creating the steel – the most critical stage of the process – to take place in foreign countries before the product is shipped to America and put to use.

The current National Defense Authorization Act requires a review of the word “production” as it pertains to the creation of armor steel plate.

In their letter, the senators ask the DOD to return “to the department’s policy governing specialty metals production for over 35 years – and importantly, to properly reflect congressional intent.”

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