Sherrod Brown: China ‘bullying’ the U.S.


Sherrod Brown: China ‘bullying’ the U.S.

Cincinnati Enquirer – Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown said he’s taking on China in a proposed bill because the White House and U.S. companies are too scared of the Chinese government.

Brown, a Democrat up for re-election next year, told Enquirer reporters and editors that he’s proposed a crackdown on China’s currency and trade policies because he’s sick of China “bullying” the U.S.

Although the proposed legislation does not mention China, the bill asks the Treasury Department to oppose any countries that exhibit “misaligned currencies.”

Brown said China manipulates currency and, therefore, trade and pricing; the Democrat said this negatively impacts the U.S. economy. Specifically, Brown said he’s irritated with companies that outsource to China.

“Are we, as a country, going to let them keep beating us up?” Brown asked.

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