Sherrod Brown is doing plenty for his constituents


Sherrod Brown is doing plenty for his constituents

Mansfield News Journal – Several weeks ago in Letters To The Editor an individual was criticizing the Honorable Sen. Sherrod Brown because he was sitting on his duff, so to speak, for not doing more to bring 1,300 jobs to the retired GM plant.

Personally, the senator assisted me with a Veteran's Administration problem and helped a relative of mine into a VA facility for treatment of an Iraq War-related problem. The VA had turned him down, but within one hour after a call by Sen. Brown, he was admitted.

The senator must be really sitting on his hands … the news released recently was $100 million — that's correct — $100 million for new construction at the OSU Medical Center, including a new cancer center, by the way, which will create 10,000 jobs.

My fervent hope is that our senator keeps up his outstanding help for us veterans and those unemployed.

Robert G. Maddy

Mount Gilead

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