Trail fire district welcomes Brown


Trail fire district welcomes Brown

Times Leader – U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown paid a visit to Belmont County Wednesday where he spoke to members of the Cumberland Trail Fire Department concerning their service in the community and the issues they face.

He was shown several new pieces of equipment including heart monitors for three squads, state of the art breathing apparatus for firefighters, and new extraction systems for individuals trapped in wrecked cars, all obtained through a Fire Act grant.

Brown also discussed the political climate.

He was critical of Ohio Bill 5, saying it should be recalled due to the effects it has on the middle class.

“The last thing we have to do in this state and country is hurt the middle class,” he said, adding criticism of the Republican stance on avoiding debt in the aftermath of recent hurricane damage.

“The federal government has that responsibility,” he said, noting taxpayers are deserving of assistance. “I don’t get this hard heartedness.”

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