U.S. details plan to fight deadly bat disease in Ohio


U.S. details plan to fight deadly bat disease in Ohio

Middletown Journal – The Department of the Interior U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service unveiled a plan Tuesday to stop the spread of white-nose syndrome, a deadly fungal infection detected in Ohio in March that is devastating bat populations.

Bats play a critical a role by eating insects such as mosquitoes and a large number of other insects that harm crops, scientists say.

Pest-control provided by the night-fliers saves the nation’s agricultural industry at least $3 billion annually, scientific studies show.

One of the largest bat habitats in Ohio is the privately-owned Lewisburg Limestone Mine in Preble County. There, the bat population is estimated to be greater than 20,000. It’s also the site of a haunted cave attraction in October.

U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown said Tuesday that, “white-nose syndrome has wreaked havoc on Ohio’s agricultural industry and this road map is a good first step in combating this disease. By bringing in federal resources to tackle this syndrome, we can protect Ohio’s agricultural economy and prevent this deadly disease.”

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