Your voice: Join fight against child hunger here and abroad


Your voice: Join fight against child hunger here and abroad

Cincinnati Enquirer – One of the legacies of the World War II era’s Greatest Generation was a dedication to fighting child hunger at home and abroad.

In January 1946, President Harry Truman set in motion plans for a national school lunch program to boost child nutrition. As Truman said, “no nation is any healthier than its children.”

At that same moment, the U.S. Army was overseas helping to provide school meals for children in war-torn Austria. Similar programs would emerge in Germany, Italy, Japan and elsewhere.

Fighting hunger at home and abroad is a tradition we should continue today. There is enough food to make sure no child goes hungry. As The Enquirer reported this week, nearly 1 in 5 children nationally do not know where their next meal will come from, and “food insecurity” in our area is on the rise.

Hunger-fighting programs are relatively inexpensive, and the gains of healthy children far outweigh any up-front costs.

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