Ad Watch: Third Party Spending Soars Past $31 Million As Josh Mandel’s GOP Party Bosses Launch False, Misleading Attack Against Sherrod


Ad Watch: Third Party Spending Soars Past $31 Million As Josh Mandel’s GOP Party Bosses Launch False, Misleading Attack Against Sherrod

New Ad Attempts To Distract From Josh Mandel’s Refusal To Stand Up For Ohio Jobs

COLUMBUS, Ohio – As Sherrod wraps up his 25-city, seven day “Road to Ohio Jobs Tour” highlighting his work to pass the auto rescue and fight for manufacturing jobs in Ohio, Josh Mandel’s party bosses at The National Republican Senatorial Committee have launched yet another false attack ad against Sherrod, pushing the total amount of third-party spending against Sherrod to more than $31 million – more than any other Senate candidate has faced.


NRSC – :30 – 11/1/12



 Announcer:  Sherrod Brown, Washington’s most liberal senator.  Waging war on Ohio jobs…


 Akron Beacon Journal:  The Accusation That Brown Is Too Liberal “Is More About Slogans.”  In their September 2012 endorsement of Sherrod Brown for U.S. Senate, The Akron Beacon Journal wrote “The accusation frequently flies that Brown is just too liberal. The charge is more about slogans.”  [Akron Beacon Journal, Editorial, 9/22/12]


Ohio’s Unemployment Rate Is Lower Than The National Average, The Auto Industry Has Made A Resurgence, And The Recovery Appears To Be Happening Faster In Ohio Than The Rest Of The Country.  In August 2012, The Dayton Daily News wrote “Ohio’s unemployment rate, at 7.2 percent, is lower than the 8.2 percent national unemployment rate. The auto industry, which appeared on the verge of calamity a few years ago, has made a resurgence. Recovery appears to be happening faster in Ohio than it is in the rest of the country.”  [Dayton Daily News, 8/18/12]


“Economists Say That The State’s Economy Is Undoubtedly Better Than The Rest Of The Country.”  In August 2012, The Dayton Daily News wrote “Economists say that the state’s economy is undoubtedly better than the rest of the country.”  [Dayton Daily News, 8/18/12]


Between 2010 And 2012 Ohio Gained 80,915 Jobs.  In August 2012, The Dayton Daily News reported that January 2010 and January 2012 Ohio gained 80,915 jobs and noted “Some 30 percent of economic growth occurred in manufacturing, according to Mark Schweitzer, research director of the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland.”  [Dayton Daily News, 8/18/12]


AP:  “In Ohio, The Economy Is On The Upswing.”  In October 2012, The Associated Press wrote “In Ohio, the economy is on the upswing, with the 2009 federal bailout of Chrysler and General Motors crucial in a state where 850,000 are working due to the auto industry. Unemployment in August in the state was 7.2 percent, below the national average that month of 8.1 percent.”  [Associated Press, 10/9/12]


 Announcer: … Raising taxes on manufacturers


 The Impact Of The Tax Is Arguable And Portraying It As A Tax On Ohio Manufacturers’ Over Bills The Scope Of It.  In August 2012, PolitiFactwrote “The law does include an excise tax on the sale of medical devices. Its impact is arguable. Dissenters say it could cost jobs and force business overseas.  But portraying it broadly as ‘a new tax on Ohio manufacturers’ over bills the scope of the tax.”  [PolitiFact, 8/30/12]


The Tax On Medical Devices Does Not Apply To Items Generally Purchased By The General Public And Applies To Imported Devices As Well As Those Made Domestically.  In August 2012, PolitiFact reported “Crossroads GPS cites that as the ‘new tax on Ohio manufacturers,’ and notes that the Joint Committee on Taxation says it will generate $20 billion in revenue by 2020. The tax does not apply to devices made for export, or to eyeglasses, contact lenses, hearing aids or other medical device ‘generally purchased by the general public at retail for individual use,’ the law states. It applies to imported devices as well as those made domestically.” [PolitiFact,8/30/12]


Claim On Health Care Taxes Cites A Study That “Is Not Credible.”  In August 2012, PolitiFact reported “In responding to our query, Crossroads GPS also pointed to a 2011 study financed by the Advanced Medical Technology Association, or AdvaMed. It said that the excise tax would cause 10 percent of device manufacturing to move offshore, leading to the loss of 43,000 U.S. jobs. An analysis by the research service Bloomberg Government, however, found that the trade group’s study ‘is not credible.’ Bloomberg concluded that its assumptions conflict with economic research, overstate companies’ incentives to move jobs offshore, and ignore the positive effect of new demand created by the healthcare law.” [PolitiFact, 8/30/12]


President Of Group That Conducted Study Cited By Bloomberg As “Not Credible” Could Not Cite A Single Example Of An Ohio Company That Had Cut Jobs Because Of Medical Device Tax.  In May 2012, theColumbus Dispatch reported “Stephen Ubl, president and CEO of AdvaMed, the largest trade group representing medical-technology companies, said the tax could ultimately cost the United States tens of thousands of jobs. But he and other industry officials could not cite an example in Ohio of a company that has cut jobs or put growth plans on hold in anticipation of the tax. [Columbus Dispatch, 5/15/12]


Senator Brown Voted To Extend Tax Cuts For Most Ohioans.  In July 2012, Senator Brown voted for the passage of the bill that would extend the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts for one year on taxable income of up to $200,000 for single filers or up to $250,000 for joint filers.” [CQ; Vote 184, 7/25/12]


Associated Press: Tax Plan From Senate Democrats Would Mean Tax Cuts Stay In Place For 98% Of American Households.  In July 2012, the Associated Press reported that the tax plan from Senate Democrats “would continue the expiring tax cuts next year for everyone but individuals making $200,000 a year and couples earning $250,000, who would see their taxes rise. That would mean higher levies next year for 2.5 million households — just 2 percent of the 140.5 million returns the Internal Revenue Service receives, according to 2009 figures.” [Associated Press, 7/24/12]


 Announcer:  Bailing out Wall Street


 Sen. Brown Made A Bipartisan Call To Regulators For Stricter Capital Requirements For The Largest U.S. Banks.  In August 2012,The Wall Street Journal wrote “A conservative Republican and a liberal Democrat are urging regulators to hit the largest U.S. banks with stricter capital requirements than currently proposed, a clear sign that big banks have few friends on Capitol Hill when it comes to the issue. Regulators risk missing their chance to set up the right incentives for banks to remain of manageable size, Sens. David Vitter (R., La.) and Sherrod Brown (D., Ohio) wrote in an eight-page letter sent Monday to Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke.”  [Wall Street Journal, 8/7/12]


Brown Introduced Legislation To Tax Wall Street Bonuses To Firms Receiving TARP Funds And Use Revenue To Support Small Business Loans.  In February 2010, The Hill reported “Brown wants to impose a 50 percent tax on executive bonuses at firms that received aid under the $700 billion financial bailout package. The tax would fall on bonuses in excess of $25,000. Brown’s legislation would use the revenue to support loans from the Small Business Administration (SBA).” [The Hill, 2/11/10; S. 3007, 2/11/10]


 Announcer:  Sending billions to foreign countries like China.


 August 2012:  Mandel’s Claim About Billions Of Tax Dollars Sent Overseas Rated “Pants On Fire.”  In August 2012, PolitiFact wrote “Among several claims in Mandel’s TV ad ‘Change,’ which accuses Brown of trying to hide his record, is one that says ‘Brown sent billions of our tax dollars to foreign countries.’  PolitiFact Ohio can’t say if spending is wasteful, and we don’t have a crystal ball to judge if it is sustainable. But we can assess if Brown is ‘hiding’ (as the ad states) that he has sent billions of tax dollars overseas.”  PolitiFact concluded, “We have a rating for statements that are both false and ridiculous. It’s Pants on Fire.”  [PolitiFact, 8/13/12] Mandel Ad’s Claim That Sen. Brown Sent Billions Of Tax Dollars To Foreign Countries Is “Highly Misleading.”  In May 2012, wrote “it’s highly misleading to claim that Brown ‘sent billions of our tax dollars to foreign countries.’”  [, 5/29/12]


Columbus Dispatch: Brown Had “No Role” In Sending Money To Foreign Companies.  In a May 2012 op-ed published in The Columbus Dispatch, Jack Torry wrote “Mandel charged that Brown ‘gave huge bonuses to executives’ and ‘sent billions of our tax dollars’ to foreign countries. They noted that Brown voted in 2008 for the financial rescue package and in 2009 for the $787 billion economic-stimulus package.  Executives at American International Group, which received bailout money from the government, awarded $165 million in bonuses to some of its top people. And 11 wind farms used stimulus money to buy wind turbines from foreign companies.  But, Brown had no role in either awarding the bonuses or buying the wind turbines. And when the bonuses and wind turbines became public knowledge, Brown criticized both actions.”  [Columbus Dispatch, op-ed, 5/28/12]


 Announcer: The deciding vote on the government takeover of health care


 Politifact: Claiming That Brown Cast The Deciding Vote On Health Care Reform “Rates False.”  In May 2012, Politifact wrote “Republican Josh Mandel, the Ohio state treasurer hoping to unseat incumbent Democrat Sherrod Brown from his U.S. Senate seat in November, makes the most of the 30 seconds in his TV ad ‘Change.’ The campaign spot makes at least five separate claims about the two candidates.  PolitiFact Ohio will take a look at several of them in the days ahead. For this factcheck item we’ll look at the statement that Brown ‘cast the deciding vote on the government takeover of health care.’”  Politifactconcluded, “On the Truth-O-Meter, this claim from Mandel’s ad rates False.”  [Politifact, 5/30/12]


Describing Health Care Reform As A “Government Takeover” Was The 2010 “Lie Of The Year” And Had Been Described As A “Whopper” And “Nonsensical.”  In May 2012, Politifact wrote “Mandel’s ad refers to the health care act as ‘the government takeover of health care’? Mandel’s ad repeats a claim that has been reviewed numerous times by PolitiFact and rated False or Pants on Fire.  PolitiFact national recognized it as the 2010 ‘Lie of the Year.’ called it ‘nonsensical’ and a ‘whopper,’ saying the reform plan is neither ‘government-run’ nor a ‘government takeover.’ The Washington Post Fact Checker classified it as myth.”  [Politifact, 5/30/12]


 Announcer:  Josh Mandel – his plan stops waste, reduces debt, balances the budget, eliminates costly regulations, and helps energy producers create more jobs here.  Josh Mandel – fresh ideas, common sense.


 Lima News:  With Mandel, “When You Get Beyond The Wrapping Paper And Look Into The Box, You Find Emptiness Instead Of Substance, And Abuse Instead Of Reform.”  In their October 2012 endorsement of Sherrod Brown for the U.S. Senate, The Lima Newswrote “Mandel is passionate and very capable of talking like a conservative as well as pushing the buttons that make conservatives march. But when you get beyond the wrapping paper and look into the box, you find emptiness instead of substance, and abuse instead of reform.”  [Lima News, editorial, 10/22/12]


Cleveland Plain Dealer:  Electing Josh Mandel “Would Reward One Of The Nastiest Campaigns Ever Waged In This State.”  In their October 2012 endorsement of Sherrod Brown for U.S. Senate, The Cleveland Plain Dealer wrote “There’s another powerful reason to vote for Brown — a negative one: Electing his Republican opponent, Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel, would reward one of the nastiest campaigns ever waged in this state. It would reward a candidate who hasn’t moved beyond partisan slogans and careful sound bites. It would reward ambition untethered to substance.”  [Cleveland Plain Dealer, editorial, 10/6/12]


Mandel Barely Had His Name On The Treasurer’s Office Door Before He Started Putting Together His Senatorial Campaign.  In their October 2012 endorsement of Sherrod Brown for the U.S. Senate, The Youngstown Vindicator wrote “Mandel served two years on Lyndhurst City Council and a term and a half as state representative from the 17th District before being swept into office in the GOP rout of 2010. He barely had his name on the door before he started putting together his senatorial campaign.”  [Youngstown Vindicator, editorial, 10/8/12]


Lima News: “Mandel Is Trying To Buy The Election With A Well-Oiled Campaign That Offers No Details.”  In their October 2012 endorsement of Sherrod Brown for the U.S. Senate, The Lima Newswrote “Buoyed by $18 million of special interest money, Mandel is trying to buy the election with a well-oiled campaign that offers no details, just carefully crafted sound bites and partisan slogans. It is also long on attack ads.”  [Lima News, editorial, 10/22/12]



“Josh Mandel’s GOP party bosses will do anything to get Josh Mandel elected because they know he’ll be a rubber stamp for whatever they ask him to do, just like he was as a member of the statehouse, so they’re attempting to distract from the fact Mandel admitted multiple times he would have let thousands of auto jobs die,” said Sadie Weiner, spokeswoman for Friends of Sherrod Brown. “Despite the more than $31 million in third party spending against Sherrod, no amount of money can erase Josh Mandel’s opposition to the auto rescue, opposition to cracking down on China, and support for cutting Social Security and Medicare benefits.”



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