Chamber of Commerce: We won’t disclose donors


Chamber of Commerce: We won’t disclose donors

Politico – The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is not backing down on its promise to engage in the most aggressive campaign operation in its 100 year history, despite a recent court decision that would require disclosure of secret donors behind issue ads.

Chamber President Tom Donohue told reporters at a Christian Science Monitor breakfast that the big business trade group will “not change in terms of our objectives and methods.”

Donohue also promised that “we will not have to disclose where our funding comes from.”

Chamber Executive Vice President Bruce Josten agreed, saying that opponents of the decision will appeal the decision. But the chamber, which is not party to the case, will not “pull back on anything we are doing. It’s full steam ahead.”

“We’re going to put the money on the races that are up for grabs and I think there are for example in the Senate, an extraordinary set of opportunities. There are a lot of opportunities there, particularly if there is a close presidential race” Donohue said.

Donohue said the amount of money the chamber spends will depend on its fundraising capacity.

“We’ve been pretty good at that,” he said. “You find people who are frightened or sometimes you find people that are mad. If they are frightened and mad you get them really motivated.”
While the chamber does not endorse presidential candidates, Donohue did note that President Barack Obama is a known commodity unlike in 2008.

“People know what he stands for or what he has advocated and I think he had a particular advantage in the last election in that nobody knew anything about him. He didn’t have a track record to run on,” Donohue said.

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