Dems have Hall of Fame Dinner


Dems have Hall of Fame Dinner

The Vindicator – Members of the Mahoning County Democratic Party met for the annual Hall of Fame Dinner with an emphasis by some on making sure countries such as China play fair in trade practices with the United States.

U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown, a Democrat from Avon, served as speaker at the Sunday dinner and took time to speak on his efforts to make sure “countervailing” efforts against countries such as China stay in place. He also highlighted his fight to keep as many jobs at the Youngstown Air Reserve Station as possible.

Brown said China does not play fairly with the U.S. in trade, with imports to the United States that benefit from illegal export subsidies. Brown credits President Barack Obama as the “first president in a long time to enforce trade law” but said more has to be done.

Brown said countervailing duties — tariffs and other duties placed on certain imports — are needed to level the playing field, but a ruling by the World Trade Organization and a federal appeals court have hampered efforts to continue those practices. The senator said he will be back in Washington this week working to make sure those tools are not permanently taken away.

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