Eat Fear for Lunch


Eat Fear for Lunch

Plunderbund – The rightwing is trying to scare you. But you’ll be hard to scare because you know too much. The splatter shot of fear will most likely hit your friends and neighbors.

You know the truth about Senator Sherrod Brown. Here’s what a few Plunderbund followers have told me about how Senator Brown’s work has helped them.

Joseph Pavelka from Berea, Ohio appreciates Senator Sherrod Brown’s work on the Affordable Care Act.

“Being able two keep both our kids on our health plan until they turn 26 keeps them protected and gives them a chance to get their feet under them after college. Having to start repaying student loans within 6 months is hard enough without having to find a health plan too, when the ones they can afford until they find work have a $5000 deductible and hardly cover them for anything.”

He also told me that his soon-to-be-91 yr-old mother doesn’t have to worry about lifetime limitations on her health insurance anymore because of the ACA.

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