Outlook Columbus – With every single US and Ohio House district having been redrawn, the Presidency of the United States and the balance of power in the United States Senate on the line, and dozens of local offices to be filled, the 2012 elections take center-stage in our pursuit of equality and social justice. Here is our first set of endorsements.


As a State, Ohio ranks nearly, if not absolutely, dead last in protections and codified rights for GLBT people. Yet in the US Senate, Ohio has the most progressive, socially forward, equality focused member of them all — Sherrod Brown. A long-time progressive and champion the working class, Brown brings savvy, class, and candor to what is too-often an old-boys club of quicksand-slinging bullies. His commitment to full equality, protection, care, coverage and inclusion of all people is without equal. His voting record is solid, unapologetic and unashamed.

His opponent, Josh Mandel, is the kind of anemic politician that right-thinking voters detest — one whose ego and ambition trump whatever conviction and mettle he might have. There is nothing he will not say, nothing he will not do, no position he will not change and no boundary to how low he will go in his tactics.

In this race, we’re either standing for something or we’re standing for nothing. Sherrod Brown stands by us, and we stand by him. We strongly endorse him for both his primary bid and in the November general election.

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