FACT CHECK: Josh Mandel Was Nearly Six Months Late Filing His Personal Financial Disclosure.


FACT CHECK: Josh Mandel Was Nearly Six Months Late Filing His Personal Financial Disclosure.

JOSH CLAIMS: My campaign has done everything by the books and filed all the paperwork required of us.

THE TRUTH: Josh Mandel was nearly six months late filing his personal financial disclosure statement.

1. Josh Mandel didn’t file his personal financial disclosure statement until November 2011, almost six months after it was due. [Columbus Dispatch, 11/4/11]

November 2011: Mandel Filed His Personal Financial Disclosure Form Nearly Six Months After It Was Required He Do So.  In November 2011, The Columbus Dispatch wrote “Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel’s long-waited federal disclosure statement shows that he and his wife have as much as $7.4 million in assets.   Mandel, a first-term Republican and former state legislator, filed the report today, nearly six months after its due date, May 15. The disclosure is required because he is a candidate for U.S. Senate against incumbent Sen. Sherrod Brown, a Democrat. Mandel will pay the $200 late-filing fee. [Columbus Dispatch, 11/4/11]

Youngstown Vindicator – You Would Think As Treasurer Mandel Would Have A Good Grasp Of Finances. In September 2011, The Youngstown Vindicator stated, “You would think as the state treasurer, Josh Mandel would have a good grasp of finances. But Mandel, a Republican, is apparently having trouble figuring out his own personal finances. Mandel, treasurer for less than nine months, is planning to run next year for the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Democrat Sherrod Brown, who is seeking re-election to a second six-year term.A basic requirement for those planning to run for the Senate is filling out a personal financial disclosure statement. That was to be done by May 15. As of today, more than four months after the deadline, Mandel hasn’t filed the document.” [Youngstown Vindicator, 9/23/11]

Akron Beacon Journal Editorial: Mandel Was Delinquent In Turning In His Personal Financial Disclosure – “The Form Hardly Poses An Endurance Test.”  In a September 2011 editorial, The Akron Beacon Journal wrote that when Josh Mandel formed“had 30 days to file a personal financial disclosure report with the Federal Election Commission. Four months later, he still hasn’t complied with the requirement. What amounted to the usual short-sheeting and towel-snapping by partisan adversaries cannot be dismissed so easily as the days and weeks mount. What is Mandel thinking? The form hardly poses an endurance test. He filed similar documents with the Ohio Joint Legislative Ethics Committee during his brief tenure as a representative.” [Akron Beacon Journal, Editorial, 9/17/11]

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