Federal bill would aid sewer upgrades


Federal bill would aid sewer upgrades

Morgan County Herald — The Morgan County community is facing staggering costs for updating old sewer systems due to stringent new EPA clean water act standards. But Malta and McConnelsville could get some help, if a bill in Congress called the Clean Water Affordability Act is approved.

This act would allow these communities to get new federal help with the reintroduced Clean Water Affordability Act. The Herald took part in a conference call last Friday with Senator Sherrod Brown, who discussed the bill.

He officially introduced the bill and talked to reporters about how it would help cities pay for separation of combined sewer systems (CSS) without placing the burden entirely on sewer and water customers.

“These communities and the local rate payers shouldn’t have to go after the fixes alone. That’s why the Clean Water Affordability Act is so important; it will protect local rate payers, lead to clean water, and protect economic development,” said Brown.

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