Group Of U.S. Senators Approach FCC About NFL’s Blackout Policy


Group Of U.S. Senators Approach FCC About NFL’s Blackout Policy

Cincy Jungle — We’ve been keeping an eye on the developments of the actions of certain parties that oppose the NFL’s “Blackout rule”. About a month ago, the FCC came out and said that they will reconsider the policy this offseason because of the many complaints from fans. Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown has been the most public figure in opposition to this policy and has been active in gathering support to his cause. After all, Cincinnati was responsible for six of the 16 total blackouts in 2011.

Despite that report from the FCC a few weeks back, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell proclaimed that the league is standing firm with the rule, claiming that the blackouts “have served the league well over the years” and “they want the stadiums filled.” As it currently stands, the league works with the FCC to enact the policy.

Senator Brown has apparently been successful in garnering support to end the blackout rule, as four other U.S. Senators recently wrote a letter with Brown to the FCC.

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