Honor well deserved


Honor well deserved

WUPW – Delbert Cole of Sandusky, is a member of the greatest generation, a World War II vet, and former Plum Brook Station employee. Now he can add Bronze Star recipient to his list.

“He never talked about it growing up. Most of the people in the situation like that, it’s something that they probably would sooner have forgotten. All the blood and gore and what they saw during war time,” said his son Doug.

Delbert enlisted in the army back in 1941. He Had his medals swept away during the Independence Day flood of 1969 in Sandusky. Cole says back then, his father’s silence was probably due to modesty. Now, 30 plus years later, he suffers from Dementia, and has slowly started to recounting some of what he remembers.

“He and 5 other guys were running in the middle of a battle, 2 of the guys right next to him were killed. He had bullets whizzing by his head, and shells going off right next to him. He said, I don’t know how I didn’t get killed or hurt,” Cole said.

His wife contacted Senator Brown’s office about Veterans who needed medals which were lost or never received. That’s how the family found out that the patriarch of their family shared something in common with the senator’s father.

Honor well deserved: foxtoledo.com

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