FACT CHECK: Josh Mandel Broke His Promise To Serve A Full Four Years As Treasurer.


FACT CHECK: Josh Mandel Broke His Promise To Serve A Full Four Years As Treasurer.

JOSH CLAIMS: If elected, I promise that I’ll serve only two terms in the Senate.

THE TRUTH: Josh Mandel already broke his promise to Ohioans to serve his full four-year term as state Treasurer.

1. Josh Mandel said that he would definitely serve his first four years as state treasurer. [Dix Editorial Board interview, 10/5/10]

2. Just weeks after his swearing in, Josh Mandel began running for U.S. Senate.  [Toledo Blade, 4/9/11]

Mandel Said His Plan Is Definitely To Serve The First Four Years As Treasurer And Likely Run For Re-Election. In October 2010, in an interview with the Dix editorial board, Josh Mandel said, “Right now my plan is to be elected state treasurer, do a darn good job and then take it from there. I don’t have any plans or visions beyond that, so you know right now it’s be a good treasurer, definitely serve there you know, for the first four years and likely for, you know run for re-election but I’m not sure but a lot of that’s going to be, I think, you know, impacted by, you know family situations as well. You know Ilana and I want to start a family, we’ve been married a couple years and you know there’s a lot of other variables at play so it’s tough to crystal ball out, you know beyond that, but definitely want to be elected and serve for at least, you know the full four years of the term.” [Dix Editorial Board interview, 10/5/10] 

Mandel Wouldn’t Comment On His Promise To Serve His Full Term.  In April 2011, the Columbus Dispatch reported the Ohio Democratic Party “distributed a video to supporters and journalists Tuesday in which then-candidate Mandel pledged during last year’s campaign to spend at least four years as treasurer if elected. The party said changing that plan is like breaking a promise to voters.  Mandel, who’s 33, did not immediately return a call for comment.” [Columbus Dispatch, 4/12/11]

“Mandel Is Working Against A Tide Of Criticism” Including Breaking His Promise To Serve The Full Four Year Term As Treasurer.  In August 2012, The Associated Press wrote “Mandel is working against a tide of criticism — for breaking a promise to serve his four years as treasurer, giving jobs and raises to political operatives, and failing to attend meetings of an influential board he chairs for more than a year.”  [Associated Press, 8/22/12]

Mandel Pledged To Serve His Full Term As Treasurer, Instead He Launched His Senate Campaign Within Weeks Of Taking That Job.  In their 2012 endorsement of Sherrod Brown for U.S. Senate, The Toledo Blade wrote “The Blade endorsed Mr. Mandel in his campaign for treasurer two years ago, in part on the strength of his pledge to serve out his four-year term in that office. Instead, he launched his Senate campaign within weeks of starting that job.”  [Toledo Blade, editorial, 10/7/12]

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