FACT CHECK: Josh Mandel Is Closely Tied To Murray Energy And Is The Largest Statewide Benefactor Of Their Donations


FACT CHECK: Josh Mandel Is Closely Tied To Murray Energy And Is The Largest Statewide Benefactor Of Their Donations

JOSH CLAIMS:  I have no control over who donates from Murray Energy.

THE TRUTH:  Murray Energy, whose President may have coerced employees into making political donations, is Mandel’s sixth-largest contributor.

1. Murray energy employees have donated $27,532 to Mandel’s Senate race. [Open Secrets]

2. Robert Murray and his company’s PAC donated $30,800 to Josh Mandel’s State Representative and State Treasurer’s races. [Ohio Secretary of State]

3. Robert Murray may have coerced his employees into donating to the company PAC and Republican candidates. [The New Republic, 10/4/12]

Murray Energy Corporation Provided Josh Mandel With $375 In Travel Expenses In 2007.  According to his 2007 State Personal Financial Disclosure, Murray Energy Corporation provided Josh Mandel with “approximately” $375 in travel expenses.  [Josh Mandel 2007 PFD]

Murray Energy Employees Have Donated $27,532 To Mandel’s Senate Race. [Open Secrets]

Robert Murray And His Company’s Associated PAC Donated $30,800 To Josh Mandel’s State Representative And State Treasurer Races.  According to state filings, Robert Murray along with his company’s PAC, donated $30,800 to Josh Mandel’s state representative and state treasurer races.  [Ohio Secretary of State]

Murray Energy May Have Pressured or Coerced Employees Into Political Donations.  In October 2012, The New Republic reported “The accounts of two sources who have worked in managerial positions at the firm, and a review of letters and memos to Murray employees, suggest that coercion may also explain Murray staffers’ financial support for Romney. Murray, it turns out, has for years pressured salaried employees to give to the Murray Energy political action committee (PAC) and to Republican candidates chosen by the company. Internal documents show that company officials track who is and is not giving. The sources say that those who do not give are at risk of being demoted or missing out on bonuses, claims Murray denies.” [The New Republic, 10/4/12]

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