Josh Mandel Dismisses Letter From Brown Campaign to Make Candidates Accessible To Ohioans


Josh Mandel Dismisses Letter From Brown Campaign to Make Candidates Accessible To Ohioans

The Friends of Sherrod Brown campaign believes that Ohioans deserve the opportunity to hear what candidates are saying as often as possible as they seek the office of U.S. Senate. To that end, Friends of Sherrod Brown campaign manager, Sarah Benzing, sent a letter to Josh Mandel’s campaign with a proposed set of guidelines regarding how their campaign events would be made accessible. The proposal sought to establish a common understanding for where it is, and is not, permissible for the public filming of both candidates.

This proposal was meant to be a starting point for discussion and to open dialogue between the two campaigns.  It was sent registered mail and not copied to press. Unfortunately, from the response issue by the Mandel campaign, they seemingly do not share the goal of making sure busy voters across Ohio know where both candidates stand.

Ohio’s absentee Treasurer blatantly chose to dismiss our letter, and responded with a litany of falsehoods that have been repeatedly proven untrue by nonpartisan fact check organizations.

1. Mandel lied about Senate Dems not passing a budget.

2. Mandel lied about Sen. Brown standing w/ fringe environmentalists.

3. Mandel lied about Sen. Brown sending jobs to China.

Additionally, Mandel falsely accused our campaign of “disrupting” his events. This has never occurred. We believe it’s unfortunate that the Mandel campaign feels it is a disruption for the people of Ohio to see and hear what Josh is saying.

So why does Josh Mandel’s campaign want to hide their candidate?

Mandel’s Not On The Side Of Middle Class Ohioans & Can’t Be Trusted To Create Jobs

  • ·        He would have voted to let Ohio’s auto industry die, putting the nearly 850,000 jobs related to the industry in jeopardy.
  • ·        He stood shoulder to shoulder with Governor Kasich’s brutal assault on public workers’ rights to collectively bargain.
  • ·        He refuses to support Sen. Brown’s bipartisan bill cracking down on China’s unfair currency manipulation, a practice that hurts our middle class and costs Ohio jobs.

He Supports Legislation That Would Devastate Medicare & Social Security

  • ·         Mandel joined the far-right wing of the Republican Party, pledging support for a Tea Party budget proposal that “would inexorably subject Social Security and Medicare to deep reductions.”

He Has Ignored His Job As Treasurer

  • ·         Mandel made history as the first “modern-era” treasurer to skip his first 14 meetings of the billion-dollar Board of Deposit he is supposed to chair.
  • ·        After being caught raising cash in the Bahamas from payday lenders he finally showed up to a meeting, raising his attendance record to 1 for 15.
  • ·        For more than a year Josh Mandel did not end Ohio’s relationship with two banks that were allegedly committing fraud against us as he stated they were when he made the announcement.

It’s clear Josh Mandel has no interest in allowing Ohioans the chance to evaluate him for who he really is, and instead prefers to repeatedly launch debunked lies at Sen. Brown because Mandel can’t defend his anti middle class agenda or embarrassing record of ignoring his job as Treasurer.



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