Josh Mandel In Yesterday’s Debate: Cronies > Ohio’s Auto Workers


Josh Mandel In Yesterday’s Debate: Cronies > Ohio’s Auto Workers

Josh Mandel Finally Admits He Would Have Voted ‘No’ On Auto Rescue, But Promises To Install His Unqualified Cronies In Washington If Elected

In yesterday’s City Club debate, it was made abundantly clear that Josh Mandel will ensure his cronies always have jobs, but he would have endangered 850,000 Ohio jobs with a no vote on the auto rescue. In short, for Josh, his cronies > Ohio’s auto workers.

When answering a question about the unqualified political cronies he hired on the taxpayer dime in the Treasurer’s office, Mandel concluded by saying“…I will take them to go change Washington, as well.” But when asked about the auto rescue that helped protect 850,000 industry-related jobs in Ohio, Josh said, “I would not have voted for that, I couldn’t have.”

Josh Mandel would keep his political cronies on the public payroll, but wouldn’t have lifted a finger to help rescue Ohio’s auto industry.


“Josh Mandel made his own closing argument for why he is a politician who can’t be trusted when he promised full employment for his unqualified political cronies, and in the next breath owned up to the fact that he would have left hundreds of thousands of everyday Ohioans out in the cold by voting against the auto rescue that helped to save or protect 850,000 industry related jobs in Ohio,” said Sadie Weiner, spokeswoman for Friends of Sherrod Brown. “Josh Mandel can’t be trusted to fight for your job unless you are one of his political cronies.”

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