FACT CHECK: Josh Mandel Is The One With A Tax Problem


FACT CHECK: Josh Mandel Is The One With A Tax Problem

JOSH CLAIMS: Sherrod doesn’t pay his own taxes.

THE TRUTH:  Sherrod has always paid his taxes, while Josh Mandel paid ZERO taxes on his campaign employees in 2010. 

1. Sherrod has always paid his taxes. [Cleveland Plain Dealer, 2/17/12; Columbus Dispatch, 2/20/12]

2. Brown donates a portion of his salary to charity. [Columbus Dispatch, 2/20/12]

3. Josh Mandel paid zero taxes on his campaign employees in 2010 and likely owes the state of Ohio tens of thousands of dollars. [Salon, 9/24/12]

Sherrod Brown “Always Makes It Right” On Taxes.  In February 2012, The Cleveland Plain Dealer wrote that Sen. Brown “always makes it right, eventually, but being late costs him penalties and interest.” [Cleveland Plain Dealer, ellipses original, 2/17/12]

Plain Dealer: Jeers To Ohio Republicans For Trying To Make A Mountain Out of Molehill.  In February 2012, the Cleveland Plain Dealer wrote “JEERS…also, to the Ohio Republican Party for trying to make a mountain out of Brown’s molehill. ‘It’s shameful that Sherrod Brown is intent on increasing taxes upon small-business owners and families in Ohio, while he evades them in Washington.’ Come on. There might be a case for ‘ironic’ rather than ‘shameful,’ and for ‘forgets’ instead of ‘evades.’ But in campaign season, everything is cause for calling down thunder from the heavens.” [Cleveland Plain Dealer, ellipses original, 2/17/12]

“Does Anybody Really Believe That Sherrod Brown Is A Tax Cheat?”  In February 2012, The Columbus Dispatch wrote “does anybody really believe that Sherrod Brown is a tax cheat? This is a guy who very quietly sets aside 10 percent of his salary every year for charities, such as food banks and free clinics.”  [Columbus Dispatch, 2/20/12]

Headline: “Did GOP Senate Hopeful Bilk Treasury?” [Salon, 9/24/12]

Mandel’s Classification of Workers In 2010 Allowed Him To Forgo State and Federal Taxes.  In September 2012, Salon reported “As Mandel ran for state treasurer in 2010, he classified at least nine of his senior staffers as independent contractors instead of full-time employees, according to campaign finance disclosures reviewed by Salon, which allowed him to forgo paying some taxes to the state and the IRS.” [Salon, 9/24/12]

Mandel’s Campaign “Did Not Pay Payroll Taxes.”  In September 2012, Salon reported “Mandel’s campaign paid out at least $260,000 in compensation during his 2010 campaign for which he did not pay payroll taxes.” [Salon, 9/24/12]

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