Josh Mandel Will Try, Fail To Distract From Record Of Absenteeism, Cronyism, & Opposition To Auto Rescue


Josh Mandel Will Try, Fail To Distract From Record Of Absenteeism, Cronyism, & Opposition To Auto Rescue

Look for more debunked lies, evasive answers from the special interest’s favorite candidate

Make no mistake – during tomorrow’s debate we’ll see a Josh Mandel who will claim there’s nothing more important than “jobs, jobs, jobs,” for Ohio’s middle class, and that he’s done his job as Treasurer well, with a competent, qualified staff.

But you know the real Josh Mandel… no matter how many times he peddles his ridiculously misleading lies about himself and Sherrod Brown, or how many fights he picks with members of the media across the state–Josh Mandel is a politician who can’t be trusted to show up for work, tell the truth, or fight for Ohio jobs.

For nearly two years now Josh Mandel has ignored his job as Treasurer. It began with breaking his promise to serve a full four year term in his new office when weeks into the job he filed papers to go after Sherrod. It continued when he blew off every single meeting of the billion dollar investment board that he’s supposed to chair during his first year in office.

And it became downright insulting when he went back on a campaign pledge to hire qualified financial professionals and instead surrounded himself with numerous unqualified political cronies and friends in high paying, high powered jobs.

Unfortunately, what Ohioans are likely to see tomorrow is a disingenuous recital of poll-tested 60-second sound bites that Ohio’s “cartoon candidate” has repeated ad-nauseam throughout the campaign. These scripted recitations will no doubt prove to be numerous examples of why Josh Mandel’s been awarded Politifact’s “Pants on Fire Crown,” and been repeatedly criticized by editorial boards across the state for what has become an unbelievable ability to lie, over and over and over.

It will be nearly impossible tomorrow for Josh Mandel to prove he’s capable of standing in front of the voters of Ohio and tell the truth for one straight hour – let alone convince the voters he’s ready for the U.S. Senate.

The choice for Ohioans is clear – Sherrod Brown championed the auto-rescue that helped protect nearly 850,000 Ohio jobs,  and Josh Mandel called fighting for Ohio jobs “un-American.”

Sherrod Brown led passage of the largest bipartisan jobs bill in the Senate last year to protect manufacturing jobs from going to China. Josh Mandel refused to back Sherrod’s bill even in the face of Rob Portman’s support.

That’s why despite unprecedented levels of outside spending against him, the momentum in this race is with Sherrod Brown who fights for Ohio’s middle class over Josh Mandel’s “ambition untethered to substance.”

Josh Mandel has run “one of the nastiest campaigns this state’s ever seen,” and no matter what happens in tomorrow’s debate, Ohioans will not let him forget it.

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