LTE: Fighting Alzheimer’s, with CWRU professor in the vanguard


LTE: Fighting Alzheimer’s, with CWRU professor in the vanguard

Cleveland Plain Dealer — In response to the very good news on the work of Gary Landreth, professor of neurosciences at Case Western Reserve University, and his progress in developing promising drugs to fight Alzheimer’s disease, I have to say that last week was a good one (“Drug’s effect on mice offers Alzheimer’s hope,” Friday).

Earlier last week, the Obama administration also announced a plan to spend more than half a billion dollars on Alzheimer’s research. The plan calls for the National Institutes of Health to allocate an extra $50 million to Alzheimer’s research this year, and the administration is requesting an additional $80 million in its budget request for next year.

Many members of our congressional delegation, including Sen. Sherrod Brown, have been supportive of Alzheimer’s research over the years, and that work is now paying local dividends and offering great promise for Alzheimer’s patients and their families.

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