LTE: Tour Bus Bill


LTE: Tour Bus Bill

Findlay Courier – Last Friday marked the five-year anniversary of the tour bus accident in Atlanta involving the Bluffton University baseball team. A memorial service was held on the Bluffton campus to remember those who were killed or injured in the tragedy.

But a bill that would make such long-distance buses safer and likely reduce the number of future deaths and serious injuries still lingers in Congress.

Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, marked the crash’s anniversary by calling for passage of the bipartisan, comprehensive tour bus safety legislation.

Brown’s bill, the Motorcoach Enhanced Safety Act, is aimed at reducing the number of crashes and related fatalities and injuries on motorcoaches or tour buses. The rules would not apply to school buses or the mass transit vehicles found in big cities.

The legislation is included in the Senate Transportation Jobs bill, which will be debated in coming weeks, and would increase and expand long overdue safety requirements.

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