LTE: Women should vote


LTE: Women should vote

The Dispatch – Women comprise over half of Ohio’s population.  Election after election we hear women spoken of as the golden ticket, the end all be all, the gamechangers of any political situation.  And yet, despite this privileged status as a voting bloc, the women of Ohio (and other swing states across the country) have yet to be treated with respect or dignity.  Waves of attacks on women’s rights to accessible and affordable health care must not be tolerated.  Attacks on Planned Parenthood must be countered.  With each page of the calendar flipped, we Ohioans will see increasing and incessant negativity in ads for every contested race.  And if history teaches us anything, women can expect the steady stream of Republican attacks on women’s health to continue, if not intensify as well.  Ohio women need to remember who their friends and allies are in government when they head to the polls.

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