FACT CHECK: Josh Mandel Has Once Again Waged A Deceptive, Dishonest And Gutter-Ridden Campaign


FACT CHECK: Josh Mandel Has Once Again Waged A Deceptive, Dishonest And Gutter-Ridden Campaign

JOSH CLAIMS: Sherrod Brown and his liberal friends have run an overwhelmingly negative campaign against me. 

THE TRUTH: Josh Mandel has waged one of the most deceptive, dishonest and gutter-ridden campaigns Ohio has ever seen.

1. Josh Mandel has “become the candidate of the big lie.” [Columbus Dispatch, 8/19/12]

2. Josh Mandel has waged on of the nastiest campaigns in the history of the state [Plain Dealer, 10/6/12]

3. Josh Mandel’s campaign has been “nasty” and “below the belt” [NBC4, 6/25/12]

4. Josh Mandel’s 2010 campaign was no different [Columbus Dispatch, Joe Hallett column, 10/3/2010]

Editorial: Mandel Has Waged One Of The Nastiest Campaigns In The State. In October 2012, The Plain Dealer stated, “There’s another powerful reason to vote for Brown — a negative one: Electing his Republican opponent, Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel, would reward one of the nastiest campaigns ever waged in this state. It would reward a candidate who hasn’t moved beyond partisan slogans and careful sound bites. It would reward ambition untethered to substance.” [Plain Dealer, 10/6/12]

“Josh Mandel Is On His Way To New Lows, Quite An Accomplishment In Ohio.”  In an April 2012 Op-Ed published in The Akron Beacon Journal, editorial writer Steve Hoffman wrote “Ohio voters are no strangers to nasty, high-spending U.S. Senate races. In the 1974 Democratic primary, appointed incumbent Howard Metzenbaum accused John Glenn, a career Marine, of never holding a real job. The charge backfired; Glenn won.”  The Beacon Journal continued, “At the rate he’s going, Republican U.S. Senate candidate and state treasurer Josh Mandel is on his way to reach new lows, quite an accomplishment in Ohio.”  [Akron Beacon Journal, Op-Ed, 04/18/12]

Despite Criticism For Running A “Nasty, Below The Belt Campaign,” Mandel Is Pressing On With Claims Described As “Misleading At Best.”  In June 2012, NBC4 wrote “In recent days and weeks, Republican Josh Mandel has been roundly criticized by editorial writers and columnists for running a nasty, below the belt campaign. But the campaign drumbeat shows no signs of change and the candidate is pressing on with claims against his opponent that some have called misleading at best”  [NBC4, 6/25/12]

Cleveland Plain Dealer:  “Josh Mandel Seemingly Puts Election To Higher Office Above Every Other Consideration.”  “This page has had serious issues with the way Josh Mandel seemingly puts election to higher office above every other consideration — from completing the jobs voters elected him to do, starting in Lyndhurst City Council eight years ago, to his judgment in allowing gutter attack ads against his Democratic opponent in 2010 when he was running for his current job as state treasurer.”  [Cleveland Plain Dealer, 02/18/12]

Columbus Dispatch Column: “You Are Becoming Known As The Candidate Of The Big Lie.”  In an August 2012 column in the Columbus Dispatch, Joe Hallet wrote “Still, you have self-inflicted wounds during this campaign that are hurting your reputation long term, win or lose. You are becoming known as the candidate of the big lie, continually making statements and airing ads that stretch the truth or are patently untrue. PolitiFact Ohio, The Plain Dealer’s respected campaign truth-o-meter, has given you more ‘Pants on Fire’ ratings for false claims than any other candidate by far.” [Columbus Dispatch, 8/19/12]

Joe Hallett: Mandel’s Real Message In Attack Ad, “Hey Voter, The State Treasurer Is A Black Man. And He’s A Muslim. See, Here’s His Mosque.” In October 2010, the Columbus Dispatch published a column by Joe Hallett which stated, “But the Mandel ad crosses the line when the announcer says Alo’s wife got the job that ‘Boyce admitted they only made available at their mosque.’  The ad is sprinkled with images of Boyce, who is black, Alo, who is Muslim, and a picture of a mosque. The real message of Mandel’s ad is: ‘Hey voter, the state treasurer is a black man. And he’s a Muslim. See, here’s his mosque.’” [Columbus Dispatch, Joe Hallett column, 10/3/2010]