Mandel Ignores Mandel


Mandel Ignores Mandel

Akron Beacon Journal – In the 2010 race for state treasurer, Josh Mandel took the incumbent, Kevin Boyce, to task for appointing politically connected people to top positions in the office. The charges were part of an unusually harsh and ugly assault, even by Ohio standards. They worked, helping unseat Boyce, a Democrat, and putting Mandel, then a Republican state representative, in the job.

During an editorial board meeting with Dix newspapers just before Election Day, Mandel put it this way: “You know, regardless, cronyism is bad.”  This week, the Dayton Daily News held Mandel to his words.  The paper examined hiring records since he entered the treasurer’s office.

Mandel has put professionals in some top positions, as promised. The Daily News found that he has hired six campaign workers (average age, 26) who were assigned jobs of considerable responsibility, such as debt management. All received hefty raises. Three have left, to join Mandel’s campaign for the U.S. Senate.

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