Mandel Loses Cool (Again,) Refuses To Answer Simple Questions About Cronyism In His Office


Mandel Loses Cool (Again,) Refuses To Answer Simple Questions About Cronyism In His Office

Latest Episode Follows Argument With Ohio Editorial Board, Flat Out Lie Regarding Columbus Dispatch Reporter

Facing a slew of bad polls and even worse headlines, Josh Mandel has lost his cool on a member of the Ohio media for the third time in two weeks. This morning it was the Canton-based Ron Ponder Show where Mandel accused the host of shilling for Sherrod Brown, refused to answer simple and legitimate questions about his decision to hire unqualified political cronies, and got so irritable that the host actually ended the interview.

Ponder: Joe Aquilino I believe you pronounce his name, a former campaign aide, was named Director of Debt Management, paid $90,000, had no experience in finance and you sent him to a beginner’s course in the subject. How do you answer those charges?

Mandel: Well first of all Ron, I thought I was going on the Ron Ponder show, not the Sherrod Brown campaign show.

Ron Ponder:…I’m asking you questions that people have asked you, and I’m just trying to get answers. I’ll do the same thing with Senator Sherrod Brown so don’t accuse me of being a lackey for Sherrod Brown. I’m just asking you questions that my listeners want to know. 

Mandel: Hey, I’m not accusing you Ron, I’m just telling you what it sounds like.…

Ron Ponder: Now the Democrats are accusing you of the same thing, and I’m just asking you to answer the question about the salaries and the folks you’ve hired. I’m just asking you that question.

Mandel: Bunch of hogwash Ron, it’s a bunch of hogwash. It’s Sherrod Brown trying to distract from the record. 

Ron Ponder: Josh, is Michael Lord, is Michael Lord your former campaign manager, getting $100,000  from your office, is it yes or no?

Mandel: Ron we have qualified financial professionals in our office –

Ron Ponder: Josh is it yes or no?

Mandel: Sherrod Brown’s the only candidate, the only candidate in this race, his transition director – 

Ron Ponder: Josh just answer the question. 

… (After receiving no answers)

Ron Ponder: Hang up on this dude, man.

For a clip of the interview, click HERE.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Josh has lashed out at a member of the press. In June, when asked about his history of lying, Mandel told a Columbus NBC reporter that he was “out of touch with reality.” Late last month, Mandel got testy with the Youngstown Vindicator editorial board Mandel during five minutes of “tortured evasions” about his opposition to the auto rescue. And this month, Mandel twice accused a Columbus Dispatch reporter of lying about a physical encounter Mandel initiated with an opposition staffer.

“Josh Mandel hired unqualified political cronies for top jobs in the Treasurer’s office and the fact that he would rather spend his time accusing radio hosts of shilling for his opponent and telling outright lies instead of answering simple questions is just more evidence that he is a politician who can’t be trusted,” said Sadie Weiner, spokeswoman for Friends of Sherrod Brown. “Josh Mandel is willing to lie about any topic under the sun to avoid talking about how he doesn’t show up for work, hired unqualified political cronies and opposes the auto rescue that helped protect 850,000 jobs in Ohio.”


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