FACT CHECK: Mandel’s Gutter Politics An Effort To Distract From The Numerous Unqualified Political Cronies He Hired


FACT CHECK: Mandel’s Gutter Politics An Effort To Distract From The Numerous Unqualified Political Cronies He Hired

JOSH CLAIMS: Sherrod hired a convicted murderer while Secretary of State and had a staffer who is currently in jail for fraud.

THE TRUTH:  Sherrod was never even accused of any wrongdoing, and worked with the proper authorities on all matters.

1. Sherrod’s office was never mentioned in the indictment of a former staffer. [United States of America VS Ngozi Pole, 05/15/09]

2.  Sherrod cooperated with authorities on any instances involving office matters or personnel. [Cleveland Plain Dealer, 9/1/90]

3. Sherrod fired one of the staffers in question for not showing up to work. [Columbus Dispatch, 7/8/90]

4. Josh Mandel broke his promise to Ohioans by hiring unqualified campaign workers and friends in the Treasurer’s office, awarding them with high-powered jobs and taxpayer-funded raises. [Dayton Daily News, 4/1/12]

The Office Of U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown Was Not Mentioned In The 2009 Indictment Of Ngozi Pole.  In a 12 page indictment of Ngozi Pole from May 15, 2009 the name or office of U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown was not mentioned.  [United States of America vs. Ngozi Pole, 05/15/09]

Ngozi Pole Was Found Guilty Of Stealing More Than $75K By Submitting False Timesheets And Bonuses For Himself While In Ted Kennedy’s Office, Not Brown’s.  In February 2011, The Examiner wrote “A former office manager to Sen. Edward Kennedy was found guilty by a federal jury in D.C. of stealing more than $75,000 by submitting false timesheets and bonuses for himself. Prosecutors said Ngozi Pole, 39, of Waldorf, used his position to double his salary without his superiors signatures during several pay periods.”  [The Examiner, 02/02/11]

Pole Worked For Sen. Brown For Five Months.  In February 2011, The Examiner wrote “In January 2007, Pole left Kennedys office to become deputy chief of staff for Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio.  Senate payroll records show that Pole worked for Brown until May 2007.”  [The Examiner, 02/02/11]

Montgomery Was A Mailroom Employee Who Was Hired Shortly After Brown Took Office.  In July 1980, The Columbus Dispatch wrote “Records show that Montgomery, a mailroom employee, was hired shortly after Brown took office in 1983.  Brown knew that Montgomery, now 37, had served time for a manslaughter conviction, and personnel records show that Montgomery disclosed his felony record.” [Columbus Dispatch, 7/8/90]

Franklin Prosecutor Said He Could Find No Evidence Of Impropriety In The Handling Of A 1985 Investigation Into Drug Trafficking In Sherrod Brown’s Office.  In September 1990, The Cleveland Plain Dealer wrote “Franklin County Prosecutor S. Michael Miller said yesterday he could find no evidence of impropriety in the handling of a 1985 investigation into drug trafficking in Ohio Secretary of State Sherrod Brown’s office.  ‘I have no indication at this point in time, no evidence that anything criminal was done,’ Miller said.”  [Cleveland Plain Dealer, 9/1/90]

Montgomery Was Fired After Failing To Show Up To Work.  In July 1990, The Columbus Dispatch wrote “Another employee, a convicted felon once imprisoned for manslaughter, was hired by Brown and was the subject of State Highway Patrol drug investigations in 1983 and 1985.  The employee, James H. Montgomery, lost his job in 1987 when he failed to show up for work for several days.”  [Columbus Dispatch, 7/8/90]

Mandel Hired Six Campaign Staffers To Positions Ranging From Debt Management And Policy Advising To Community Outreach.  In April 2012, The Dayton Daily News reported “To see if Mandel was fulfilling his pledge not to hire political friends the Daily News reviewed personnel files and other records from the treasurer’s office. The review showed that Mandel put qualified, experienced staff members in some top positions, but also hired six campaign workers whose average age is 26 and assigned them duties ranging from debt management to policy-advising to community outreach.”  [Dayton Daily News, 4/1/12]

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