New TV Ad: “Pants on Fire”


New TV Ad: “Pants on Fire”

Ad Highlights Josh Mandel’s “New Frontiers In Political Dishonesty” Repeating Previously Debunked Falsehoods With No Shame Whatsoever

The Friends of Sherrod Brown Campaign today released a new ad, “Pants on Fire,” which highlights Josh Mandel’s well-documented history of distorting his own record, lying about Sherrod and sinking to new depths in political dishonesty by consistently repeating false statements even after they’ve been debunked.

Despite being repeatedly called out by non-partisan fact-checking organizations and even earning the “Pants on Fire crown” from PolitiFact Ohio for making more “ridiculous” and “false” statements than any other Ohio politician, Josh Mandel has claimed that he will repeat debunked falsehoods “again and again” because he “sees no downside.”

In one of Mandel’s most recent misleading ads, he patted himself on the back for a credit rating that the Treasurer’s office had held for nearly seventeen years.

WATCH: “Pants on Fire”

“Over the last two years Ohioans have had the misfortune of witnessing the most dishonest, untrustworthy, and misleading candidate this state has seen in a long time and his name is Josh Mandel,” said Sadie Weiner, spokeswoman for Friends of Sherrod Brown. “He lies about Sherrod and he lies about his time as Treasurer, but none of his lies will distract from Josh Mandel’s record of blowing off billion-dollar investment meetings, hiring unqualified cronies and friends in the Treasurer’s office, or the fact that he can’t be trusted to fight for Ohio jobs.”

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