FACT CHECK: There Is No Evidence That Obamacare Hurts Manufacturing


FACT CHECK: There Is No Evidence That Obamacare Hurts Manufacturing

JOSH CLAIMS: Obamacare hurts manufacturing.

THE TRUTH: There is no evidence that Obamacare hurts Ohio manufacturing.

1. Politicact says this claim is based off a study that “is not credible” and doesn’t take into account millions of new customers medical device companies will have. [PolitiFact, 8/30/12]

2. The head of the trade group representing medical-technology companies could not name a single example of an Ohio company that relocated overseas. [Columbus Dispatch, 5/15/12]

PolitiFact On Crossroads GPS Ad:  Crossroads GPS Claim On Health Care Taxes Cites A Study That “Is Not Credible.”  In August 2012, PolitiFact reported “In responding to our query, Crossroads GPS also pointed to a 2011 study financed by the Advanced Medical Technology Association, or AdvaMed. It said that the excise tax would cause 10 percent of device manufacturing to move offshore, leading to the loss of 43,000 U.S. jobs. An analysis by the research service Bloomberg Government, however, found that the trade group’s study ‘is not credible.’ Bloomberg concluded that its assumptions conflict with economic research, overstate companies’ incentives to move jobs offshore, and ignore the positive effect of new demand created by the healthcare law.” [PolitiFact, 8/30/12]

President Of Group That Conducted Study Cited By Bloomberg As “Not Credible” Could Not Cite A Single Example Of An Ohio Company That Had Cut Jobs Because Of Medical Device Tax.  In May 2012, the Columbus Dispatch reported “Stephen Ubl, president and CEO of AdvaMed, the largest trade group representing medical-technology companies, said the tax could ultimately cost the United States tens of thousands of jobs. But he and other industry officials could not cite an example in Ohio of a company that has cut jobs or put growth plans on hold in anticipation of the tax. [Columbus Dispatch, 5/15/12]

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