Ohio’s U.S. senators supporting STOCK Act


Ohio’s U.S. senators supporting STOCK Act

The News-Herald — Ohio’s two U.S. senators are both supporting legislation that would prevent members of Congress and employees from profiting from knowledge they have gained from behind closed doors…

U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, supports the measure and plans to offer an amendment to take it one step further for senators.

Members of the Senate and their staff would be required to divest themselves of any individual stock holdings or put them in a blind trust.

“While the STOCK Act is an important step, we can draw an even clearer line by preventing Senators from voting on issues that affect their financial investments,” Brown said. “Members of Congress not only have the privilege of serving, but they are compensated well for it. There’s no reason they need to be in the business of buying or selling stocks that could be influenced by their actions.”

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