Sen. Brown makes some progress on blackout rule


Sen. Brown makes some progress on blackout rule

Cincinnati Enquirer – Ever since the Bengals run of blackouts began, Senator Sherrod Brown has made numerous requests to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to open a petition to public comment in regards to repealing the rule.

It looks like the Senior Senator from Ohio has made some progress.

Brown’s office announced today that the FCC is planning to reconsider the Sports Blackout Rule, a 1970s-era regulation that allows sports leagues, like the NFL, to black out broadcasts of a local sports game when the game does not sell out. At the urging of Sen. Brown, the FCC will release a petition urging the agency to open the Sports Blackout Rule for public feedback, the first step in repealing the regulation.

Said Brown in a statement: “We are one step closer to ending the blackout rule. Today, the FCC announced that it would begin taking public comment on the blackout rule, an outdated rule which is unfair to the teams, the fans, and especially the taxpayers. Although the Bengals season ended last week, I’ll keep fighting to repeal the blackout rule.”

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