Senator Says Hamburg Not Aggressive Enough on Supply Chain


Senator Says Hamburg Not Aggressive Enough on Supply Chain

FDA News – Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) had harsh criticism for FDA Commissioner  Margaret Hamburg recently, questioning the agency’s lack of enforcement actions  against companies’ with holes in their supply chain knowledge.

The questions, which came during a Senate Appropriations subcommittee  hearing on the FDA’s fiscal 2013 budget request, attacked the agency’s position  on why it doesn’t hold companies more responsible for knowledge of their  products’ supply chain.

“If a CEO is not certain where all the ingredients come from, and those  ingredients coming from wherever end up killing a patient in Toledo, shouldn’t  that CEO go to jail? Shouldn’t that company be fined huge amounts of money?”  Brown asked. “I want these companies to be responsible for their ingredients.”

Pointing to the oft-cited example of the tainted Chinese heparin outbreak,  Brown called on the agency to force drug manufacturers to be more responsible  for their imported products.

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