Senator Sherrod Brown Wraps Up “Road To Ohio Jobs Tour” After Stops In Columbus, Dayton, Lima, and Toledo


Senator Sherrod Brown Wraps Up “Road To Ohio Jobs Tour” After Stops In Columbus, Dayton, Lima, and Toledo

Seven Day Caravan Tour Of Made-in-Ohio Chevy Cruzes and Jeeps Highlighted Sherrod’s Efforts To Continue Fighting For OhioJobs 

Senator Sherrod Brown finished his “Road To Ohio Jobs Tour” today with stops in Columbus, Dayton, Lima and Toledo.

The day began at Fire Fighters Local 67 in Columbus, where Sherrod and his staff were joined by local firefighters to help load the caravan of made-in-Ohio cars for the final day of the tour.

The next stop was in Dayton where Sen. Brown visited with supporters at the Greater Dayton Rec Center.

The “Road To Ohio Jobs Tour” then travelled to Lima where Sen. Brown joined the leadership of the local Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) for a press conference talking about Sherrod’s work to overturn Senate Bill 5 last year. This year, Sherrod became the first Democratic Senate candidate in nearly 25 years to receive the endorsement of the FOP.

“The Ohio FOP is backing Senator Sherrod Brown because no one represents Ohio’s law enforcement better,” said Mike Watkins, FOP Lodge 21 President. “We were in the fight of our lives during the Senate Bill 5 battle last year, and Senator Brown stood shoulder to shoulder with us. He never turned his back on us, so we won’t turn our backs on him. We’re proudto support Senator Brown’s reelection.”

The “Road To Ohio Jobs Tour” concluded in Toledo with a rally at UAW Local 12 with auto workers and supporters.

“Many politicians were willing to let thousands of people like me lose our jobs and devastate our local economy,” said Marcia Young, a Chrysler worker. “Sherrod stood up for us when not many others did. It wasn’t popular, but he didn’t care. Sherrod put Ohio’s workers before his own popularity because it was the right thing to do. And because of his support,Ohio’s industry is stronger than ever.”

The “Road To Ohio Jobs Tour” took Sherrod to every corner of Ohio covering 2,100 miles and 25 stops talking about his work to fight for middle class jobs and his plans to continue growing the economy. The tour travelled in a caravan of made-in-Ohio Chevy Cruzes and Jeeps to highlight the importance of the auto rescue for Ohio’s economy and manufacturing comeback.

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