Senator urges investigation of Wellington gas spill


Senator urges investigation of Wellington gas spill

WKYC – Senator Sherrod Brown is now urging an investigation of that massive gas pipe leak in Wellington.

Dozens of people evacuated still have no idea when they can go back home.

The people who were left homeless by the spill were told it’d only be a few days before they’d be allowed back in their houses.

Fast forward, seven days later, and 70 people are still waiting for word on when it’s safe to go back home.

Sunoco says it has dozens of crews working on rotating shifts around the clock to get the spill cleaned up. The company says it is also working to make sure those evacuated don’t incur additional expenses during the cleanup.

A spokesman remained non-committal when pressed about the possibility of more crews being brought in or specifics on the reimbursement plan for residents.

The EPA was out testing air quality today, those results are pending but the agency says the preliminary results looked good.

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